About Bark Chip Flame Retardation

Bark chips can be treated for flame, fire and flame resistance.

Soufa Sofa manufactured by our company is a flame retardant with high effect on cellulose. Originally developed for flame retardant wood. Therefore, compatibility with wood-based materials is extremely good.

If it is a bark chip, etc., it can give flame retardant performance just by spraying.

It doesn’t burn just by painting

Since there is no burning experiment video of bark chip, it is a burning experiment video with wood.
I make fire with gasoline.

It is often used for decoration of indoor facilities. When used at the same time as plants, toxic flame retardants and flame retardants may not be available.
However, soufa has almost no toxicity and has been demonstrated in various safety tests.

Since boric acid is the main raw material and is effective in termite control, it was originally used as a wood preservative. Recently, it has attracted attention as an extremely low-flammability flame retardant, and is now expanding its sales network in various fields.

It is a non-halogen, non-phosphorous, non-heavy metal, almost non-toxic and safe flame retardant.
It is water-based and easy to handle.
Bark chips can be sprayed with a sprayer.

Since it can be operated with light clothing, safety is also considered.