About events such as exhibitions and how to clear fire and fire certification for indoor crops

This is a very frequently asked content. It is flame retardant Halloween decorations and flame retardant and non-flammable Christmas decorations at this time.
For example, at an exhibition, an exhibit is made and made public with flammable materials such as paper, or a large art work or design work is displayed at a public facility, etc. We have many consultations.

I’m thinking, “I’m thinking about something like XX, will I get permission by processing SOUFA?”

The answer at that time is
“I don’t know.”
※ We will post advice from our company to the last person. Before that, you need to understand the whole mechanism.

I will explain what that means.
There are no strict rules regarding flame resistance or flame retardance for parts that are not covered by the Building Standards Law. (It seems to be the discretion of the fire department in charge as far as we have examined)
Often I feel like a fire department. If a fire actually occurs, it is natural for the fire department in charge to extinguish it.
The Building Standards Law stipulates the minimum functions required for building a building. Therefore, it is preferable to have higher performance than it should be.

Here, we will assume that it is a place that is not applicable to the Building Standards Law.
In such a case, it is OK if the fire department says OK. However, it seems that there are many cases where they are asked “What is the certification?”
Fire department personnel are not experts in flame and flame retardancy, so it is only natural to ask for some criteria.
And in this case the story is quite confused. That is “flameproof certification” and “nonflammability certification”.

If you are caught by the Building Standards Law, you need “non-combustible certification * Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism”, otherwise, “flame-proof certification” is sufficient.
The degree of flame retardance is “non-combustible”> “flame-proof”.

If the fire officer says, “Is flame protection certified? Please submit a certificate.” However, due to the nature of the test, fire protection certification is not granted for products completed on site.
Therefore, even if you assemble a work of art on site and perform flame-retardant construction on it, it is not a certified product. (Even if it didn’t really burn)

It may not be a problem if each piece of art work is made of flameproof certified products, but it is usually difficult to imagine.
Therefore, for example, “making objects with washi paper” or “making works with hardwood with beautiful grain” cannot be certified as flameproof. Unfortunately, post-construction artwork cannot be certified for fire protection.

That’s why we contact companies like us.
We basically explain the above. However, it is often said that it will not work and I will make some suggestions. It is as follows.

“Please consult with the fire department in advance.”

(1) There are products that have obtained flameproof certification by applying SOUFA to a wooden board. (Wooden partition) Release the results of the flameproof certification test. Say you install the same flame retardant.
② If you search for “soufa burning” on youtube, many images will come out. Please use it by negotiation with the fire department in charge.

There seems to be a case in which the fire department got OK from the above actions.
However, in principle, products without flameproof certification are often called NG.

We can not judge this, so please try a preliminary consultation with the fire department.