Can I get nonflammable certification just by painting on wood? To the question

Probably the most people reach this site with this keyword.
It is a difficult item to understand.

If you give us your answer, you will not get a noncombustible certification.

Under the current law, it is impossible to obtain certification by painting not only our products but also wood.
It may be possible if higher performance paints are developed in the future, but it is quite difficult with current technologies.

There are companies that develop paints even if our business partners can obtain certification by painting.
I use soufa, but it burned easily in the test for nonflammability certification.
It is an exam that has high certification standards.

We aim to get certification for non-combustible wood with our partner companies, but this is hard work.

Nevertheless, there is a daily inquiry about paints that can be certified by painting, so I think that companies that have presented solutions can achieve rapid growth.
It is considered worth the challenge.

  • Inquiries for quasi-noncombustible certification are entered daily. For incombustible wood, there is no solution other than using it.
    Another method is to produce non-combustible veneer plywood with the desired tree species.
    Since the surface is wood, the design is the same as wood.
    Hardwood can also be manufactured. For example, this is Nara (white oak).