Flame and fire protection of coconut fiber [flame retardant] boric acid

We received a notification about fire protection, flame retardancy and flame retardation of palm fiber.
Flame retardant is possible if it contains moisture.

We see planting and ornaments using palm fiber in commercial facilities.
If you look at that, you will remember the wood dust fire at Jingu Gaien.
Probably will burn well. It seems that fire can be prevented to some extent by spraying water regularly with a spray, but it seems to be difficult to cover everything.
If the cigarette can be littered in a place where it will be in the shadow, it will easily ignite.
Water-based, low-toxicity flame retardants are effective against such anxiety.

The image is sprayed on the tissue, but it can be applied with palm fiber in a similar way. When you actually use it, perform an ignition test on a simple spray.
The more sprayed, the more flame retardant.
Blowing twice is more effective than once.
Since the viscosity is low and almost the same as water, a commercially available sprayer can be used. If you use it in large quantities, it is a good idea to purchase and use a sprayer sold at home centers.

The effects of soufa last semi-permanently.
Sodium polyborate, the main raw material, is an inorganic substance and does not volatilize. The disadvantage is that it is aqueous. It is not suitable for outdoor use because it flows down due to rain.
When using outdoors, it is recommended to use a coating agent at the same time.