Flame prevention, fire prevention and flame retardation of bark chips

Opportunities to get calls from people who did not imagine are increasing.
One of them is a landscaping company. Until now we have heard from several landscaping companies.

Among them, what overlapped was the fire prevention, fire prevention, and flame retardation of bark chips.
Bark chips are wood chips. It is used inside and outside the building, and is often used because of its good design.

There were many requests to burn the bark chips.
Basically, soufa is effective on wood without any problems, so bark chips are also no problem.
It was not a rainy spot, so the problem of soufa’s drawback of flowing into the water was not highlighted.

At indoor facilities, firefighting due to littering of cigarettes is a concern, and after the event fire at Jingu Gaien, the fire department seems to be strict about fire protection regulations regarding external crops, and various firefighters will be told from the fire department.

The fire department thinks it’s tough, but there is no guarantee that fire-resistant products corresponding to them are actually sold, and if it is not commercialized, it will be in a state of lifting. .
Therefore, there is a demand that some kind of flameproofing measures be taken by using a flame retardant like ours.

Basically, construction is possible if the material side is capable of absorbing water, so it is possible to spray, for example, snow wool from a Christmas tree.

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