Flame retardant for flameproof, flame retardant and nonflammable of cardboard duct

Soufa can be used as a flame retardant to make the cardboard duct flame-proof, flame-retardant and non-flammable.

The main raw material of soufa is boric acid, and boric acid has long been considered to have a high flame retardant effect.
However, due to some problems, it has hardly been distributed as a flame retardant until now. However, in practice, it has been found that pulp and cellulosic materials such as cardboard can be given higher flame retardancy than existing flame retardants.

Cardboard is made from pulp and is naturally a cellulosic material. Flame retardancy can be imparted by painting or spraying.
Here’s what was actually brushed onto cardboard and air dried.

Untreated cardboard will ignite easily, but soufa treated cardboard will not.
Since it is a surface coating, it does not penetrate into the middle, but if it is treated so that it penetrates into the middle, or if it can be applied at the stage of the original material, the degree of flame retardancy should be high.

This is a tissue.

And Japanese paper.

The degree of flame retardancy varies depending on the amount of processing.

Isn’t it very useful because it is possible to post-install components that need to be flame retardant such as cardboard ducts?
Until now, there has not been much demand to provide cardboard with flame retardancy, but we are thinking that flame retardant cardboard will play a major role in the future as fire prevention is being called for.

The following describes the content of the test applied to cardboard.
Test piece is 200 mm x 200 mm, thickness is 5 mm, A flute

A small amount of starch was mixed with a 23% concentration product to study the application type flame retardant.

Mixing starch rather than an aqueous solution has the effect of assisting carbonization and improves flame retardancy. However, in this case, the penetration by the burner could not be prevented only by the surface coating treatment.
Therefore, it was mixed with the primer and examined.

Since it was applied as a test, there is difficulty in terms of design.

It was able to withstand a burn test with a burner for 5 minutes.

soufa can impart flame retardancy to cellulose. Since we are a manufacturer only for the purpose of supplying flame retardant, we would like to entrust each company with detailed verification after that.