How to make boric acid termites

There seems to be a demand to make boric acid termites on their own. It is understandable that some people think that boric acid is available at pharmacies and can be made by himself.

In conclusion, it is impossible for amateurs to make a boric acid aqueous solution that is effective for termites.

The main raw material of boric acid-based termiticides is the same as boric acid. So these boric acids are effective against termites. Boric acid dumplings can be manufactured from it because it is effective for general outsourcing.

However, these commonly sold boric acids do not have high solubility in water. It is about 4%.
When installing on wood, it must be dissolved and penetrated in water.

However, the effect on termites cannot be expected at a concentration of about 4%. Our experiments have shown that it is difficult without a concentration of at least 8%. Please also refer to the following.

What concentration is better?

Soufa, manufactured and sold by our company, is sodium polyborate that combines boric acid with water in a special way. Tests on wood for termite and antiseptic treatment are conducted in accordance with the jis standard to confirm their performance.
soufa sells 16% concentration products for termite control, so it can be used by end users.

If it is more than 5 degrees, the components will not precipitate and there is no expiration date, so it can be used safely.
Dissolving and coating commercially available boric acid, and then coating and dissolving it may work, but we do not recommend it because it is not very efficient and its effect is uncertain.