I want to make the snow wool of the Christmas tree flame retardant!

We received a consultation to make the snow wool of the Christmas tree flame retardant. This is a very core consultation.
I have heard before that similar ornaments should be fire and flame retardant.

We manufacture and sell soufa, an aqueous solution type flame retardant.

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The effect is like this.

The image is a tissue.
Easy: Flame retardant even with cotton. Probably because we have not experimented with it.

In the case of cotton, it is thought that soufa is established everywhere. If it can be fixed as a whole, it will exhibit a flame retardant effect.
Desirably natural cotton. In the case of natural cotton, the basic skeleton of the material is made of cellulose. soufa has been shown to provide a very high flame retardant effect on cellulose. For this reason, we believe that a fairly high flame-retardant effect can be imparted with cotton.

Even in the case of chemical materials such as polyester, some degree of flame retardancy can be imparted if it is fixed throughout. However, since chemical materials are inherently very flammable, it is assumed that they should not be placed as close to the fire as possible.

Since the Jingu Gaien fire broke out, it seems that the indications related to event-related fire protection have been very severe. I heard that basically they had to be all flame retardant, and the cost was up.

Even if the cost increases, it may be possible to raise the cost if it is a company promotion, etc. However, it is extremely questionable whether it can absorb the cost increase for non-profit organizations and students.
You may not even realize that there is a product called flame retardant in the first place.

It’s not a big problem yet, is the safety of school festivals etc. OK? I don’t think it’s OK. When I was a student, the classroom was closed and the students were crowded in a lot of cardboard decorations while illuminating with cheap incandescent bulbs …

I didn’t think about it at the time, but now I think it was close to the risk of fire.
I hope that you can get our flameproof spray in such a case.

If it is a spray type, it is not that expensive, so students can reach it.

Flame retardants are not usually sold where they can be reached by the general public. It is used when manufacturers mix it into materials, and the finished product is distributed on the market.
However, with the recent DIY boom, it has become an era for individuals to create various creations.
You will need to be careful about flame and fire protection.

We hope that soufa can play an active part in the simple flameproof construction of ornaments.