Is soufa (borate-based termiticide) effective as a fire ant countermeasure?

Is soufa (borate-based termiticide) effective as a fire ant countermeasure? I have a lot of questions. As an aside, it seems that fire ant measures have been eradicated in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, it is common to treat all residential structures with boric acid, so boric acid may play a role in eradication of fire ants.

By the way, soufa is certified by the Japan Wood Preservation Association as a boric acid termiticide.

Our specialty is “termites”, so the situation is different from “fire ants”. Both termites and fire ants are “insects”, so we think that feeding them will be effective.
There are many poison baits that have been talked about now, and that contain boric acid.

However, we were unable to provide a clear answer, so we checked with our termite experts, our technical advisors. The answer is … “I don’t know.” Termites and fire ants seem to be different.

Generally, termites and fire ants are often considered to be the same ant, but strictly speaking, their classifications are different. Termites are a group of cockroaches, and fire ants are a group of bees.
Termites have a strong impression of eating wood, but they are omnivorous and eat anything like cockroaches. Therefore, as a countermeasure against termites in houses, xylem is coated with soufa (boric acid) and killed by feeding.

Although boric acid is almost non-toxic to mammals, it is characterized by strong toxicity to insects.

Boric acid is quite powerful against termites. However, in Japan, pesticide-based termiticides that have long been concerned about the effects on the human body have been used, and these are still the mainstream even today.

Boric acid is used as the main drug in areas where termites are strong, such as Hawaii, and boric acid is used in Japan, as well as in temperate areas such as Okinawa. Boric acid termiticides are expected to expand the market in the future.

So I examined boric acid termite repellents.
The first is our drug soufa. It is sold by yahoo shopping for the general public.

A boric acid termiticide. Certified by the Japan Wood Preservation Association.

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