Non-combustible processing of precut wood

Finally … I finally got it. Factory of Japan Wood Preservation Association Processing certified.

It is a product name of SOUFA FC.

We obtained certification for on-site coating a while ago, so we will continue to obtain certification.
This acquisition broadens the scope of application.
Until now, the content of certification was limited to use only at sites where wooden houses are built. However, with this acquisition, pre-cut timber and other materials that are processed at the factory have been recognized as certified products.
We believe this will spur the spread of precut timber to manufacturers and sawmills.

Sawmills and precut mills in various locations are facing severe business conditions, with unit prices falling.
Therefore, the opportunity to receive consultation that we are looking for the next move for differentiation has increased. We want those companies to take advantage of this opportunity to expand their business, and our company has been able to approach customers who have been difficult to appeal for merit until now.

Since inquiries are increasing from outside the country, I believe that the spread of SOUFA will further advance.