Sodium polyborate soufa as pulp flame retardant

As a pulp flame retardant, boron-based flame retardant soufa works effectively.
soufa manufactures aqueous solution type and powder type with sodium polyborate.

Since soufa has the property of foaming at high temperatures, soufa foams by hot pressing, for example, and covers the pulp fiber, which is the main raw material of paper, to prevent the pulp fiber from being directly exposed to high heat.
Also, since soufa does not generate toxic gas, it can be said that it is easy to handle and has a small environmental impact.

Naturally, it is non-halogen. Consists of only water and sodium polyborate.

Applicable pulp may be used tea paper, kraft envelope waste paper, newspaper waste paper, flyer waste paper, office waste paper, cardboard waste paper, Kamishiro waste paper, Kent waste paper, imitation waste paper, ground ticket waste paper, etc.
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This was sprayed on the tissue and dried.

The application amount is about this.

The texture of soufa is almost the same as that of water, and sodium polyborate is an inorganic substance that does not decompose or evaporate, so the spraying rate can be either naturally dried or dried with a dryer.
Possible methods for coating are spray, gate roll coater, roll size press, film press, blade coater, simsizer, calender, bar coater, knife coater, air knife coater, curtain coater, xylose, applicator, gravure Coater, rod coater, reverse roll coater, flow coater, brush coating, etc.

We believe that sodium polyborate is useful for imparting flame retardancy to pulp.

According to reports, sodium polyborate appears to have a hardening effect on pulp.
Therefore, depending on the degree of flame retardancy, it may be necessary to consider adding an industrial softener.