SOUFA as a flame retardant for emulsion paint

We believe that SOUFA can be used as a flame retardant in emulsion paints.
We have been studying the flame retardancy of wood.

For this reason, we have not studied any materials other than wood, so we cannot say exactly what it is, but it is thought that it can be applied as a flame retardant for water-based emulsion paints.

Aqueous emulsion paints can be diluted with water.
SOUFA has almost the same texture as water and is a water-soluble flame retardant. Therefore, it would be possible to dilute the aqueous emulsion like water.

Are the flame retardants used in aqueous emulsions phosphoric acid-based, aluminum hydroxide-based, bromo-based, or antimony-based?
Among them, there are many products that are sold as two-packs, assuming use in the field. Since SOUFA is a water-based flame retardant, it can be mixed in the same way as water, so it may be considered as a new flame retardant for flame retardant paints.